Our Story

“KADDO” was originated from the Indonesian word “KADO” which means “GIFT”. The act of intentional gifting is beautiful because it comes from a place of willingness and love. At KADDO, we inspire to offer you a place where you can find a special gift for someone who matters.
KADDO is a social enterprise online gift shop. KADDO was created to bring life back to what it should be. We believe life is a gift, but sadly for some that beautiful life is destroyed by greed. KADDO will do its part to bring hope back to the hopeless and to be the voice to the voiceless. One of the way to do this is by supporting A21. The A21 campaign walk hand in hand with our vision. For this reason, KADDO dedicates portion of their profits to support A21 (a non-profit organization). For more info about A21, please visit https://www.a21.org
In 2007, Dahlia attended a Women Conference in Sydney and in that conference she was captivated by the documentary of “Invisible Children” in Northern Uganda. The documentary showed the abduction of children who were used as child soldiers by Joseph Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army (www.invisiblechildren.com). It was probably one of the biggest wake up call for everyone in the room to watch the unthinkable acts  forced into these children. They were like any other children, they had dreams and hopes and they deserved to be treated with unconditional love and care. 
The sense of justice motivated her to bring awareness of this matter and committed to raise a fund of $19,000 in 6 months to build a house in the village of Gulu in North Uganda. This house would be the home for the children who escaped from the horrible camp. A project name MY SHELTER was birthed. This project moved under the umbrella of WATOTO a non-profit organization that actively rescue and restore the victims on the ground. Without any prior fundraising experience, she was committed to do something about it nevertheless. The old proverb "when there is a will, there is a way"  is very true. Soon this initiative was launched, many individuals came together to support this cause. For that matter, in 6 months they raised nearly $40,000. From this experience, she discovered her passion is about seeing the injustice turn around. It made her realize, it is possible for an ordinary person like her to be a voice of the voiceless.
Years passed by, season of life have changed. As Shannon Miller said “Just because your life changes does not mean your deepest passions have to" In 2011, she watched a documentary of “Human Trafficking”. The fact is the slavery still exists in 21st century. Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world, generate more than $150 billion USD every year (source : www.a21.org). A child as young as age 6 year old and some of them even younger were sold into sex world. It is NOT OK - not for a child and not for an adult. Bodies are not a commodity.  In April 2016, Dahlia founded an online gift shop KADDO. KADDO committed to partner financially with A21 to reach, rescue and restore the victim of human trafficking and bring justice back by selling KADDO’s scented candles.
Throughout these 3 years as she learns more about social justice and what an individual like her can do to respond in practical way, in July 2019 Dahlia decided to run this online gift shop as a social enterprise business. By doing so, KADDO can maximize its impact for the benefit of social justice. We will keep creating a project from time to time that will generate fund to support A21.