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Scented Soy Candle/Jar Cotton House 185g


Scented Soy Candle/Jar Cotton House 185g

Cotton Home - R&H Signature Scent Cotton home is the signature Raine & Humble scent. To us, the fresh smell of cotton typifies feelings of warmth and familiarity. These feelings are tied to strong memories of home: laundry day, mum hanging out freshly washed sheets, the tumbling noise of the drier and the warm scented air when your push through the laundry door. These associations of home-comfort and freshness inspired us to create this signature scent and continue to inspire us in all we do.

Jar candle: wick - 100% cotton (lead free) wax- 85% soy/15% plant wax blend fragrances - combination of essential oil/fragrant oil blend Jar- glass 6.5 oz 8x7 cm 20 - 35 hours (depending on care of candle)