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Scented Diffuser Sea Salt & Sage 200ml

Sea Salt and Sage - Weekend By the Sea Days spent by the ocean fill us with content and peace, and the smell of salt on a winter breeze stirs this memory inside us. This is a memory that is tied to long winter walks along the beach protected from the elements by cosy jumpers and cocoon-like blankets; rosy cheeks and windswept hair; the taste of salt in the air and the sound of gulls; fish and chips wrapped in butchers paper; chill in the air and the sun on our backs; and winter weather keeping others away, allowing us to experience the serene beauty of nature at its most pure. Invite these experiences into your home with the invigorating smells of sea salt and sage.

Reeds - cotton/polyester blend fragrances - 15% concentrated oil + 85% plant derived 100% natural solvent, 0 alcohol and no water base. 200 ml Last approximately 6 months (depending on fans,humidity, air conditioning, heating)