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Scented Diffuser Jasmine & Magnolia 200ml

Jasmine and Magnolia _ Springtime In this candle we bring to you the invigorating warmth of spring. A warm floral bouquet evokes memories of getting out into the garden on a sunny day, soaking up the sun after a cold and frosty winter; the fragrance of freshly cut spring blooms in the home that bring the outside in; and the budding of flowers, that hint of the possibilities of the season. Fill your space with the rejuvenating scents of jasmine and magnolia that awaken the senses from hibernation.

Reeds - cotton/polyester blend fragrances - 15% concentrated oil + 85% plant derived 100% natural solvent, 0 alcohol and no water base. 200 ml Last approximately 6 months (depending on fans,humidity, air conditioning, heating)