Raid the Pantry is a colourful cooking-themed card game for two to four players.

The knives are out as you collect ingredient cards to assemble enough dishes to reach the winning score. This unique award-winning game will find you resorting to haggling, theft and even dumpster diving to your tasty triumphs and sabotage your sneaky competitors!The game features dishes from more than a dozen countries and cuisines — including Moroccan tajine, Mexican tacos and mango lassi — as well as fun and original action cards, plus 64 Ingredient cards with food facts.

Raid the Pantry can be enjoyed by anyone age eight and up. You can play as individuals or in teams of two. A typical game takes 20-30 minutes: enough time to work up an appetite for that Sunday dinner

Ages: 8+
Players: 2 to 4
Approx. playing time: 30 minutes