Divine Company Handbag Essentials in the Gift Box - ACO Certified Organic


Divine Company Handbag Essentials in the Gift Box - ACO Certified Organic

This series is the perfect handbag accompaniment with all of the essentials needed to nourish, protect and keep you refreshed throughout the day. The Divine Company Handbag Essentials cares for normal to dry and sensitive skin types.

Divine Company Handbag Essentials Series includes:

A certified organic lip balm with Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter and Vitamin E, is the ultimate treatment to maintain moist, supple and hydrated lips. Infused with organic Vanilla Bean extract and Candelilla Wax, Divine Company Replenishing Lip Balm is the ideal accessory to keep your lips soft, beautifully nourished and protected all day.

The Certified Organic Sanitising Hand Gel, 50ml, was formulated to be both anti bacterial & moisturising.  The blend of Certified Organic & natural ingredients will nourish the skin as it sanitises, refreshes and restores hands. Aloe Vera and Rooibos Tea are combined with the pure essential oils of Lemon Myrtle, Lavender and Bitter Orange Extract provide a safe and healthy sanitizing hand gel option for the entire family.

Your Experience Guide: keep this conveniently sized tube in your handbag. When away from home simply wash your hands with fresh water, dry thoroughly & apply a small amount to cleanse & moisturise.

Combining a floral and crisp scent profile of certified organic essential oils with potent botanicals to combat undesirable body odors, the Petitgrain Pomegranate Deodorant provides all day coverage for lasting freshness and confidence.

Experience Guide ~ Spritz lightly morning & evening. Use lightly throughout the day if necessary.  This product is a deodorant (not an antiperspirant) & you will perspire.
Remember that perspiration is a healthy bodily function to be encouraged, not suppressed. This product is vegan and gluten free & our ingredients are not tested on animals. Our Certified Organic deodorant will last you approximately 2 months.

A moisturising hand lotion, enriched with Macadamia Oil and Aloe Vera moisturises and protects the skin leaving it feeling soft and renewed. It is the perfect handbag accompaniment.

Dimensions : 20 x 20 x 7 cm

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