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A21 Peace Candle 300g
A21 Peace Candle 300g

A21 Peace Candle 300g

Peace candle is invented to bring the pleasure of a fresh ocean breeze to where we are. When we glare at the ocean, we think of calmness, harmony and peace. Not a single person on this earth can escape from the reality of fear and struggle of life, but we have the choice for not dwelling on it. 

PEACE sets us free from disturbance of life. Like the wave in the ocean, it washes away the debris on the water; in the same way, we need to renew our mind daily, transformed and filled with life and peace. 

LET THERE BE PEACE. Love Mercy, Do Justice

This candle is beautifully and elegantly packed with a blend of natural soy waxes. Made in Australia and the burn time is approximately 50 - 60 hours. 

50% profit from the sale is donated to A21. Thank you for supporting the cause.