2017 Scent of Hope

Scent of HOPE:  

Many successful stories have been posted by A21. Although they have been physically rescued and are blessed with freedom, they still need to undergo the journey to restoration and healing, both physically and emotionally. HOPE is the essence of this journey.

The message behind this candle is to let the world know that there is HOPE and we can bring HOPE back to the hurting and despair. Without a proper restoration one cannot be completely free and is at risk of being lured back into the trafficking ring. We are committed to our continuous partnership with A21 to bring HOPE and restoration.

“If I do something small, and you do something small, then together our 'smalls' can make a HUGE difference!” ---- Christine Caine. 

To find out more about the restoration programs please see A21 website www.a21.org

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