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Stories of Gifts

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Human trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. Many innocent men, women and children are lured into a promise of better live outside their communities. Some are sold by their family, trafficked by friend and abduced. Day by day we heard many daunting stories of what had been done to them. Like many we do feel crippled in seeing such a big issues happen around the world and in our community. But, love conquer all. Love never gives up on those that living in a hopeless situation.

Out of love, KADDO’s scent of HOPE candle is birth. We determined to be the HOPE in the dark place. The message behind this gift is to let the world know, together we can bring hope back to those that are hurting and despair. The candles are elegantly packed with purpose to bring awareness. Information leaflet is included in the box. 
We would like to invite you to be part of this solution. By purchasing our candle, you can make a difference in your community and across the globe - 10% proceed goes to A21.

For more information about A21 please visit



When we are searching for a premium tea to be part of our gift ranges; our first step is to make sure the packaging shows the beauty of the inside. When we come across High Tea with Harriet, ours eyes lift up with joy - its has beautiful design with carefully selected colour to match each of the tea ranges. We love it because it is an artisan tea, it made with love. Second steps, we want to make sure the quality of the tea will speak for itself. We are extremely happy with what we tasted. High Tea with Harriet creates very unique blend of teas with many ranges to choose from. Most importantly they are ethically source.

If ABC kids have a children series call “Teacup Travel”, then High tea with Harriet has created “Tea Leaf Travel”. When you sip their tea, it indeed bring your mind travel to somewhere beautiful. In this busy life, we need a tea within an arm reach that can bring our soul and mind travel somewhere peaceful and beautiful. High Tea with Harriet is a perfect gift to give our family and friend and also a treat for our beautiful self. As it is important to love ourselves so that we can love others. We can’t give love if we don’t have love. 



Bali is famous with its tourism destination, shops and the breathtaking beauty of the beaches everywhere. But, on the other side of Bali, in a remote area high in the mountains; many are still living in poverty. Love is kind, love care for others and East Bali Cashews does exactly that. It is a social enterprise born to bring livelihood and educational opportunity to this region.

At East Bali Cashews they believe “you are what you eat”. That’s why whenever possible they source their ingredients fresh from the local trees and gardens of Karangasem. Organic ginger, chili peppers, coconuts, rosella and plenty more are deliciously combined with the highest - quality cashews in the world. KADDO proud to support organisation like EAST BALI CASHEWS that bring an impact to the local.



We love Me To You bear and its collections.. It is very unique creation of bear. It has grey fur with cute blue nose. Due to the uniqueness of the design and details, Me To You becoming collectors items that can be pass on from generations to generations. Tatty Teddy is part of the wide range of ME TO YOU. Each Tatty Teddy is handmade with loving care. Hand-stitching and blow drying of the plush material ensures the highest quality product, together with strict production control to ensure product safety ME TO YOU customers. 

Truly made with love from Me To You.


Zokoko is an award winner artisan chocolate made in Australia. Zokoko made beautiful bean to bar chocolate. It famous with their dark chocolates range and their organic chocolate drink.