The Question That Awakened My Soul Once Again

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I met Leilana 2 years ago when we were helping at the gift- wrapping event in our local community. We met again a few months later at a local sisterhood gathering which I do not attend frequently. I was probably at my lowest and messiest season of my life where I wasn't sure where I was heading as everything in life seems uncertain and unclear.
If I was honest, I would admit that I wanted the message at the gathering to speak to me so that I can get some clarity out of this very "cloudly" season of my life. I remembered arriving at the gathering early and was escorted to the front role with a seat beside Leilana. We got an opportunity to reconnect and during the conversation, she asked me a genuine question: "What do you do?" 
I was hesitant to share my backstory because it was a lot of processed. At that point, I had lost my confidence and felt devalued on what has been placed in my hands over my business initiative. Regardless, I shared my journey and before I knew it, I felt a spark in my heart again. It felt like something had "Awaken" my soul that took me back to the place where my passion started - the "whys" behind what I do, the vision, the mission, and the purpose started to ignite something in me over the simple conversations we had that day. 
I can not recall what the message was that morning, but I felt the gathering with a deeper sense of knowing that I should never forget my initial passion behind my business initiative. This is the "cause" that motivates me to keep going when I feel stuck. 

A life lesson that I took away that morning is that we should always be "Asking Questions". Because everybody has a backstory. This is why I seek opportunities to ask questions whenever I meet others. They might not have everything figured out, but questions are starting point to engage; or like me, awaken the soul that can bring hope and light into their situation. It may not be easy to initiatite conversations, especially for an introvert like me, but I have learned to push myself out of my own comfort zone because this is not about me. Question matters to others. 
To my reader out there, can I encourage you today that if you have yet seen the fruits of what you have been sowing, do not lose hope. Please keep going. Don't quit! Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Keep planting the seed and it will grow its root. Keep watering it and it will eventually bear fruits.
This week, it has been a huge honor for us to be featured in Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference - exhibition alongside many other amazing entrepreneurs. As I walk and read everyone's backstories, I am so humbled to be amongst these great individuals and initiatives. There are moments where insecurities crept in and I questioned myself all over again. Who am I? Why me? Is this worth it since everyone seems to be doing more than what I have achieved?
Oh! This little inner voice of ours that plays with our mind can be so subtle but dangerous! They have such potentials to break us, belittle us and cripple us! I reminded myself that we are not here to compete, but each one of us has our own race to run.
We all are somebody. Noone is nobody. This is my story and my inspiration. This is a reminder to me - Never despise small beginning!

#DontQuit #KeepGoing #ThisWorldNeedYou #ForSuchATimeLikeThis #UseWhatIsInYourHand #DontDespiseSmallBeginning #LoveMercy #DoJustice #WalkHumbly

#DoJustice #DontDespiseSmallBeginning #DontQuit #ForSuchATimeLikeThis #KeepGoing #LoveMercy #ThisWorldNeedYou #UseWhatIsInYourHand #WalkHumbly

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