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The current pandemic has rocked the whole world and will go down in history for a long time coming. However, we can choose how and what we want to record in our own history book. 

What do we learn from this pandemic? 
It is real. It is not a rumor. While we do not take it lightly, neither should we be buried with fear and anxiety. This pandemic can bring out the best but also the worst in humanity. Kindness vs Selfishness. Which one will we choose? Blame game changes nothing but only creates disunity that leads to chaotic lives. 
How should we respond to this pandemic?
Equip ourselves with a reliable source of information and before we share the information around, let's think whether this will make the situation worse or better? Respond with peace to our situation. Limit ourselves from reading negative news, what we feed into our souls will affect how we live our life. Worry is fruitless and it steals our joy and clouds our judgment.

Choose to show kindness to others. Kindness in our actions and in our words. Choose to respond to the situation rather than react to it. Whatever we do, think of others. We are in this together. When other suffers, so do we.  

Support and trust the government's decision (such as lockdown progression, social distancing). Trust that they are doing what is best for this nation. Pray for them, send encouragement. They needed this more than ever. If we all in this together, everyone needs to do their part. By doing so, the faster we will overcome this pandemic. 

Count our blessing. Be grateful for what we have and treasure it. Share it if you have more than enough. When this season end, we will come out stronger and better. 

"The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness."         == Shelley Giglio ==
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