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Father's Day 2019 will never be the same for our family again. 

Just over the New Year, our family made a trip back home to spent time with our family and loved ones. There were no big plans, no big itinerary, no holiday bucket list to tick off. It was mostly spent at my parents' house, making precious memories over meals and across endless conversations, purely enjoying the time and company of one another. It was uneventful, but undeniably one of the best trips just because we were present. Present in the varied moments we had knowing the holiday will eventually come to an end where we will return to our daily lives again. 

Little that I know that I will be making the same trip back home a month after, travelling alone. I received news that Dad was in the hospital after a bad fall from the rooftop while doing some repair works. The accident left him seriously injured, but I was convinced he would be awakened from his coma, healed and be whole again because my dad was a fighter. Sadly, Dad passed on shortly after. The mix bag of emotions was hard to put into words; there were brokenness, grieved, then lost. It became anger, questioning of my faith in what I believed, into guilt, confusion and complete chaos. 

This grieving process was necessary although it was not the outcome I wanted. My greatest consolidation is that I have HOPE, knowing that I will meet Dad again in paradise, where there is no more pain, no more sorrow, but only happiness. Looking back on his last days in the hospital, it brought me great comfort as Dad knew his time was up and was ready to go. Dad had lived his life to the fullest, fulfilling his earthly assignment with so much purpose and joy. I have no doubt he is celebrating right now, just like how he was worshipping the only God he knew even in his deathbed. 

As a tribute to my Dad,
I wanted to put into words what he has taught me over his lifetime:
- He knew the God he serves
- He knew his purpose; he never wavered or got distracted. 
- He loved everyone regardless of their skin color or social background
- He lived a life serving and blessing others
- He was faithful and did what he was called to do until his last breath

Life is fragile. While there are many things around us that are constantly changing and evolving, there is one thing that is certain - everyone will eventually leave this earthly place. The question is when. 

So, from earth to paradise, Happy first Father's Day in heaven, Daddy. Rest assure your legacy will continue live in our hearts. Thank you for all you have taught us through the way you lead your life. We love and miss you very much.  

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