A True Friend

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A True Friend
A true friend is someone you love,
who loves you back;
A true friend is someone you trust,
who trusts you faithfully;
A true friend is someone you respect,
who respects you in return;
A true friend is honest,
who inspires you to be true to yourself;
Above all, a true friend is loyal.

A loyal friend is more valuable than jewels and rubies;
A loyal friend grants you freedom to be yourself.
and encourage you to be who you want to be
A loyal friend celebrates your mile stones and
holds you close when your world falls apart;
A loyal friend does not discriminate;
A loyal friend courageously defends you;
A loyal friend is not measured by time and space
but occupy the room in your heart;
A loyal friend leaves no room for opinions because
she loves unconditionally.

A greatest gift in life is to have, and be A True Friend 


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